A New Year


Happy (belated!) New Year from all of us at Okashi Connection!

Last year was full of changes for us, and we hope to continue this momentum to offer you an even better experience as we explore the wild world of Japanese snacks together in the coming year! We certainly appreciate your loyal support!

The new year in Japan is filled with so many rich traditions – from watching the first sunset of the year to spending time with friends and family while enjoying symbolic foods specially prepared for the occasion. However, our favorite custom is the New Year’s sales! In particular, shops offer “Fuku-bukuro” or “lucky bags” for sale, usually beginning on January 2. In a nutshell, the concept of the lucky bag is that the contents are worth far more than what you pay for them, the catch being that you don’t know exactly what you are getting until after you buy it.

We also decided to offer a “lucky box” this year, and sent an advance email out to our current subscribers announcing the sale. This year’s lucky box included the same amount of snacks normally sold in our largest box (Sumo Box) at a price less than our mid-size box (Samurai Box) and a cute gashapon toy. Five lucky customers also won a premium KitKat bar sold only in Japanese KitKat specialty stores, as well as a free 3-month subscription. Much to our surprise, they sold out within hours!

We plan to offer more of these special offers throughout the coming year, but the only way to get pre-sale information is to subscribe for a monthly box of treats and get on our mailing list! In the meantime, we are now also offering one-time box purchases for people who aren’t quite ready to commit to the monthly service, or for those looking for a unique gift sent directly from Japan.