Subscribing (or just shopping) is easy to do! Just follow the screenshots and explanations below so you can see what it’s like and be sure you’re doing it right.

  • Left option: “Buy as one-time purchase” 
    • Buy just one box rather than a subscription
    • Box ships out within 6 business days of your purchase
  • Right option: “Subscribe and save”
    • Subscriptions are automatically collected each month on the 25th, then your box will ship out on the 1st of the next month
    • Subscribers are the first people to whom we send the newest box each month
    • Subscribers are eligible for special deals and offers from time to time

This example page is the subscription menu. The one-time purchase menu looks basically the same. Choose the size you want by clicking directly on the image.

  • Circled in green:
    • Click here to add this item to your cart

  • Circled in green:
    • Click here to go to the checkout page where you enter your address
  • Circled in red:
    • Click here to remove this item from your cart

  • Circled in green above:
    • Enter your email and create a password, then click here to create your account

*NOTE: If you’re making a one-time purchase, a customer account is not needed, so this account creation section will not appear.

  • Circled in yellow:
    • No shipping price shown yet. Shipping price will be calculated on the next page after you have entered your shipping address
  • Circled in pink:
    • Please select your country first when entering your address

Once you’ve finished entering your address, click the “Continue” button down at the bottom of the page.


  • Economy Air SAL:
    • Shipping takes roughly 2-4 weeks. This is just an estimate. It’s a pretty accurate estimate, but please just keep in mind that ultimately it is just an estimate and not a guarantee. SAL is a non-priority form of shipping. Once a cargo plane has been loaded, when there is empty space leftover, SAL boxes can then get loaded. This is why it is a very affordable shipping method, but also why it is more susceptible to delays. Also, please note that there is no tracking service available with SAL.
  • Express Mail Service (EMS):
    • Shipping takes about 3-7 business days. You’ll get email updates from Japan Post at each part of your box’s journey, so you’ll know exactly where it is!
  • Circled in yellow:
    • Shipping is now calculated based on your box size, shipping address, and shipping method
  • Circled in pink:
    • If your debit/credit card is registered to a different address than the shipping address, please click here to enter the billing address
  • Circled in green:
    • Click here to finish!