Gumi Tsureta DIY Instructions

Gumi Tsureta DIY Image

This is a DIY that let’s you fish out your gumi in one long strip! Let’s get to it!

  1. Open up the package and get everything out. Remove the triangular cup from the corner of the tray by just folding it back and forth until it pops off easily.
  2. Fill up the circular cup with water up to the line.
  3. Pour the contents of packet #1 into the water in the circular cup and stir it up well with the fork.
  4. Pour the contents of square-shaped silver packet with the pink (あわソース is written in the pink cloud) into the clover-shaped tray.
  5. Fill the little triangular cup with water and add it into the clover-shaped tray. Mix it up well with the fork. It should foam up!
  6. Cup open the corner of the grape powder packet and pineapple powder packet along the line drawn on the packet.
  7. Bend the straw and place it into the circular tray like in picture number 2 on the back of the package.
    • About making the gumi: They recommend about half of one packet to make one strip. You can do a single flavor gumi (for example 1/2 of the grape powder) or a double flavor gumi (1/4 packet grape and 1/4 packet pineapple). Check out the picture at the bottom of the back of the package for a little example of how it might look.
  8. Pour the appropriate powder onto the horizontal part of the straw that’s submerged in the circular tray. You should be able to totally cover the submerged part of the straw with 1/2 of a packet (or 1/4 packet + 1/4 packet)
  9. Really slowly, lift the straw up out of the tray. The gumi should emerge out of the water in a long strip! YOU ARE A GUMI FISHING MASTER!!!
  10. Put the gumi strip into the foam in the clover tray and use the fork to cut off whatever size of pieces you like to eat.
  11. Repeat the gumi-making process until all your powder is gone!

Well, what did you think? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you thought!