Japanese Sake-flavor KitKat Giveaway!



As fans of Japanese snack food know, KitKats come in a wide variety of unusual flavors, with new versions constantly being introduced. We were pretty excited when we found about their newest creation – Japanese Sake flavor. Released on a limited basis and for only a short time, these elusive KitKats are available only at selected souvenir shops (selling bigger boxes with holding nine individually-wrapped twin bars) and at Japanese convenience stores (smaller boxes with three individually-wrapped twin bars). So we hit the pavement and began searching through “conveni,” (as they’re known in Japan) and were able to find ten boxes to share with you!

To give these KitKats away, we are holding a small contest, for which the winners will be selected at random. It is open to the public and multiple entries are possible by following a few small steps. The contest ends at midnight on February 20, 2016, and the winners will be announced on February 22 (Japan Standard Time).

Get started by logging in below, and good luck!

Okashi Connection KitKat Giveaway