Nyoki Nyoki Kororon DIY Instructions

  • Remove everything from the package.
  • Cut the triangle-shaped cup off of the corner of the main white plastic tray. The little triangular cup will be your water cup, used to add the correct amount of water.
  • Pour the “cream powder” into the white tray, which is in the pink packet (says クリームのもと)
  • Fill the triangular water cup with water. Pour it over the powder in the tray. Fill the cup with water again and pour into the tray again.
  • Mix the water and powder together until it makes a cream.
  • Spread the cream evenly around the tray.
  • Place the pink cup (with the holes on the bottom) onto cream and gently push down until the cream is just barely coming up through the holes. Be careful not to let too much of the cream push through the holes.
  • You can see that the pink cup is divided into three sections. You have three flavor powders also: Green is melon, orange is orange, and purple is grape.
  • Pour each flavored powder into its own compartment in the pink tray.
  • Push down on the pink tray until about 1cm of the cream comes out of the holes.
  • Shake the tray side to side (not too hard!) so that the flavored powder sticks to the cream.
  • Push down on the tray some more to get more cream up through the holes, then shake again.
  • Keep repeating the pushing then shaking process until no more of the cream comes up through the holes.

Now you can chow down! You can use the spoon to scoop it up, or just use your hands.


Here’s Kracie’s official video for this candy. We suggest following suit with these kids and screaming about how good this candy is while eating it.