Upgrades to our Subscription System!

Calendar for shipping schedule

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to announce some big changes in the way we send out our subscriptions and the way you sign up!

Have you been considering subscribing but didn’t feel like waiting until the end of the month just to make your first payment and get your box shipped out to you?

Now when you sign up, you can start your subscription immediately or choose to start it at a later date of your choosing; it’s totally your choice for your convenience! And it gets better: we will send out your box within 3-5 business days of you making your payment each month, no matter what day of the month you make your payments!

To help better understand, take a look at our February shipping schedule (click to see enlarged image):

Calendar for shipping schedule

Also, don’t forget that you also have the option to upgrade to Express Mail Service if you REALLY want to get that box to you as soon as possible so you can start destroying some delicious Japanese goodies!

With all these choices, you can easily find the best style to suit your schedule so you can sit back and relax while we work for you to hunt out the best candy and snacks that Japan has to offer!